Stock Selloff Equals Euro Rally…

August 24, 2015 · by Chuck Butler Good day… And a Marvelous Monday to you! We still have a week left of August, but it has gone by very quickly, I must say! The dog days of summer, have really turned into the chamber of commerce weather days of summer here in the St. Louis […]

The 10 Richest People of All Time

Jacob Davidson @JakeD  July 30, 2015  A comparison of wealth across history Who had more money, John D. Rockefeller or Genghis Khan? It’s a simple question with a very difficult answer. This ranking of the richest people of all time is based on hours of interviews with academic economists and historians. To read more about how […]

All eyes on the Fed

July 29, 2015 · by Mike Meyer Good day. And welcome to Wednesday morning. We don’t have much longer to wait until we find out whether or not the Fed tells us anything that we don’t already know. When the dust settles, I don’t anticipate any earth shattering revelations and I think we’re going to […]

Retail Sales Disappoint!

May 14, 2015 · by Chuck Butler Good day…. And a Tub Thumpin’ Thursday to you! The Guess Who greets me this morning, with their classic song: These Eyes… If I’ve said it once I’ve said it one hundred times, that I love Burton Cummings’s voice. (the lead singer of the Guess Who) Well, now […]

The Way Gold Prices Are Set is Changing Forever

byEddie Van Der Walt (Bloomberg) — Almost a century of tradition will disappear from the gold market as technology takes over. Thursday will be the last day that traders at four banks agree by phone twice-daily prices used by miners to central banks to deal and value bullion. Gold will be the last precious metal […]

An RBI Surprise!

March 4, 2015 · by Chuck Butler Good day…. And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! Well, I got all caught up on my lost sleep yesterday, which is good and bad… Good that I did so, bad that I slept a good portion of the day away! And what a day it was! Two mornings […]

Kiwi Puts On A Show!

February 25, 2015 · by Chuck Butler Good day…. And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! Well, I lived through my initiation to the “cool drink club” last night… There I sat with my new friend, Gus, sipping on a vodka martini, and imagined myself at the bar with cool guys, like James Bond, and Dean […]

What to Make of the G-20

  Nov 17, 2014 12:38 PM EST By Mohamed A. El-Erian Despite the enormous efforts of its Australian hosts, the weekend’s meeting of the Group of 20 leaders in Brisbane will be remembered more for the theatrics of Russian President Vladimir Putin than for breakthroughs on the solutions that a sluggish global economy desperately needs. […]

Company You’ve Never Heard Of Is Now Bigger Than Facebook

The Huffington Post  | By Mark Gongloff The Chinese company Alibaba started trading on the New York Stock Exchange Friday after the biggest initial public offering in human history. It immediately won ALL OF THE MONEYS. At its opening price of $92.70 a share — representing an immediate 36 percent windfall for insiders who got […]