Aden’s goal

The Adens’ goal is to determine which markets are poised for growth or decline, the directions they’ll take, when, and how much they will rise or fall, enabling their subscribers to profit by investing during the best parts of major market trends.

And you can invest for the short, medium or long-term since they provide forecasts for each time period.

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The primary objective of The Aden Forecast

is to profit from major market rises and to avoid losses during major market declines.


The Adens also consider risk and make their recommendations accordingly.

For example, if two markets are rising but one is higher risk than the other, they will recommend putting a larger percentage of your portfolio in the lower risk market and a smaller percentage in the higher risk market.

The same theory applies to relative strength. They will recommend a larger percentage in the strongest markets and a smaller percentage in not as strong markets. This maximizes percentage gains.

Objective and unbiased

Also important, The Aden Forecast is independent.
At all times, the research, forecasts and recommendations made are objective and unbiased.