Kiwi Puts On A Show!

February 25, 2015 · by Chuck Butler Good day…. And a Wonderful Wednesday to you! Well, I lived through my initiation to the “cool drink club” last night… There I sat with my new friend, Gus, sipping on a vodka martini, and imagined myself at the bar with cool guys, like James Bond, and Dean […]

What to Make of the G-20

  Nov 17, 2014 12:38 PM EST By Mohamed A. El-Erian Despite the enormous efforts of its Australian hosts, the weekend’s meeting of the Group of 20 leaders in Brisbane will be remembered more for the theatrics of Russian President Vladimir Putin than for breakthroughs on the solutions that a sluggish global economy desperately needs. […]

Company You’ve Never Heard Of Is Now Bigger Than Facebook

The Huffington Post  | By Mark Gongloff The Chinese company Alibaba started trading on the New York Stock Exchange Friday after the biggest initial public offering in human history. It immediately won ALL OF THE MONEYS. At its opening price of $92.70 a share — representing an immediate 36 percent windfall for insiders who got […]

The Alibaba IPO May Shine, But Gold is Glistening

Scotland voted to remain part of the United Kingdom, Alibaba (BABA) is going to become the United States largest initial public offering (IPO), U.S. stock market indexes are up nearly 2% this week, Treasury yields are near lows, and gold and silver prices are getting bludgeoned in the paper market. While U.S. financial prognosticators are […]

How to Become Financially Independent in Seven Years or Less

By Mark Ford, wealth coach, The Palm Beach Letter     Thursday, August 21, 2014  Editor’s note: You may have seen today’s essay before… It’s one of the most popular essays we’ve ever published. But we believe these ideas are so essential to wealth-building that all of our readers should be familiar with them. It’s by our friend […]

U.K. Inflation Drops… Along With Sterling!

August 19, 2014 · by Chuck Butler Good Day! …  And a Tom Terrific Tuesday to you! A nice 10th inning win for my beloved Cardinals, even if they blew the lead in the 9th inning.. UGH!  Of course, I was not up at that hour to see it, but the replay will be on while I eat my lunch […]

40th Annual 2014 New Orleans Investment Conference

“Alan Greenspan wants to talk to you and us! Please confirm right now that you can join us in New Orleans.” “The insiders control the markets…but now the ultimate insider, Alan Greenspan, is going to tell us how the game is rigged, and what you can do about it. “We’ll discover it all at this year’s […]

German ZEW Drops To 2012 Level…

August 12, 2014 · by Chuck Butler Good Day! …  And a Tom Terrific Tuesday to you! I wasn’t too sure about being here this morning, last night, but morning has broken, like the first morning, Blackbird has spoken, like the first bird, and I feel fine! Amazing what some sleep can do for me! I could have […]

Chinese Demand For Gold Remains Strong!

August 5, 2014 · by Chuck Butler Good Day! …  And a Tom Terrific Tuesday to you! I hit all the traffic lights on green on my way to work this morning, so that in itself confirms it will be a Tom Terrific Tuesday! I saw my St. Louis oncologist yesterday as a follow up to last week, […]

It’s A Jobs Jamboree Friday!

August 1, 2014 · by Chuck Butler Good Day! …  And a Happy Friday to one and all! WOW! Did you see all those trades that were made in Baseball yesterday?  I find it to be amusing that these teams know for over a year when the trade deadline is, and they wait until the final hour to […]