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DEUTSCHE BANK: These 2 risks could derail the US economy

February 17, 2017 Good Reads 0 Comments

Akin Oyedele   Feb. 17, 2017, With the US economic recovery entering its eighth year, there continue to be questions about how much longer it can go on. Torsten Sløk, Deutsche Bank’s chief international economist who has been staunchly bullish on the economy for a while, wrote on two things that could derail the expansion in a client note on Friday. They both

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The US dollar is becoming a problem

February 16, 2017 Good Reads 0 Comments

Tina Wadhwa  Feb. 16, 2017, 08:34 AM The US dollar has been getting stronger, but at what point is it just too much for the market to bear? In short, there’s no simple answer. The dollar on a global trade-weighted basis has strengthened by about 20-25% over the course of the last year. In the weeks following Trump’s presidential victory, the

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Something that ‘usually only happens in recessions’ is popping up in the US economy

February 9, 2017 Good Reads 0 Comments

Pedro Nicolaci da Costa  Feb. 7, 2017 The Federal Reserve’s latest quarterly survey of lending conditions showed a tightening of standards in some sectors that suggests banks are already retrenching, even as the central bank considers additional interest-rate increases. Banks also reported weaker demand for most types of mortgage loans over the fourth quarter, the Fed said, perhaps reflecting higher borrowing

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